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Fans & Blowers

  Mixed Flow Fan

AMETEK Airtechnology Group designs and manufactures a range of axial, centrifugal and mixed flow fans and blowers for various applications from avionic cooling to ventilation and sand scavenge. The mixed-flow fan designs with inherent resistance to stall are particularly suited to scavenge applications with high resistance to blade wear, a key advantage. Our mixed flow fan designs offer high static pressure development with improved noise characteristics and can contend with changing system resistance without stall.
Our Engineers have particular experience designing Oil cooling fans for helicopter gearbox cooling applications with several high-performance mixed-flow designs in service on civil and military helicopters. Our engineers can offer advice and guidance from the earliest concepts for the helicopters right through to full qualification with ILS and customer support for repair and overhaul, completing the package.

                                          Centrifugal Blower, Fan
With a wide range of drive options available, we have the design tools and experience to design AC and DC fan drives and integrate our fans for direct-drive utilising gear or belt drives for military vehicle and marine applications hydraulic drives.
Our designers are used to designing for challenging EMC, vibration and shock, as well as temperature extremes. We use a range of in house and external approved test houses to develop, qualify and document our products.
Our mixed-flow fan designs also feature on many armoured vehicles for engine and ancillary cooling. The radial flow exit is beneficial in cramped engine bay applications. Our fans can be installed close to the vehicle's hull and maintain peak performance.
With such an extensive range of new and existing designs, our engineers can recommend the most efficient fan for any application. We can also modify the fans inlet and outlet geometry for integration with the sub-systems, advise on mounting and noise reduction and add additional features such as guards, non-return valves, and under-speed and over temperature warnings.

  • Applications +

    • Sand Scavenge
      • High pressure capability provides good extraction suction
      • Components such as the inlet and impeller can be manufactured from stainless stell to increase durability to particle wear 
      • Fans can be fitted with a Non-return Valve to aid in particle expulsion from the aircraft
    • Engine Scavenge
      • Lack of stall characteristic means blockages do not completely prevent the fan from scavenging
      • Products are qualified to military standards for environmental extremes (vibrations,fluids, temperature
    • Noise Reduction 
      • The increased distance between the impeller and the guidevan cause the mixed-flow fans to be quiter than equivalent axial products
      • This makes the products particularly suited to cabin environments, such as fan heaters, and for small aircraft such as helicopters and business jets
    • Avionics Cooling
      • The performance characteristics are again perfectly suited to cooling densely-packed avionics bays and consoles
      • Fans can be used to either blow or suck through the avionics zone
      • Our products are regurarly qualified to aerospace standards for EMI/EMC limits