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Thermal Management Products

  • Fans & Blowers

    AMETEK Airtechnology Group designs and manufactures a range of axial, centrifugal and mixed flow fans and blowers for various applications from avionic cooling to ventilation and sand scavenge. The mixed-flow fan designs with inherent resistance to stall are particularly suited to scavenge applications with high resistance to blade wear, a key advantage. Our mixed flow fan designs offer high static pressure development with improved noise characteristics and can contend with changing system resistance without stall.

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  • Sand Scavenge Fans

    Sand Scavenge systems are often used on helicopters and armoured fighting vehicles to prevent sand ingestion into the engine, avionics bays or CBRN filters.These fans are specifically used to evacuate sand or dust laden air from vehicles.

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  • Gun Smoke Extraction Fans

    In today’s combat vehicles, it is ever more necessary to ensure that military personnel are not exposed to unnecessary risk to health. Gun smoke, is at least a discomfort to personnel in confined spaces, and may contain toxic elements that represent a health hazard.

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  • Engine Cooling Fans

    Our MP4 Mixed flow engine cooling fans optimise high performance with low power consumption. They are manufactured from cast aluminium alloy and have non-stall performance, non-overloading power characteristics, and low noise emission levels. The backward inclined impeller blades are particularly suited for use in dusty conditions in that the blades remain clean, thus avoiding loss of efficiency. With any fan application, the geometry of the individual installation can influence final performance; the details shown here represent results achieved when tested to BS 848 conditions.

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  • Engine Cooling Systems

    In addition to supplying engine cooling fans, to support their customer's engine cooling system designs, AMETEK Airtechnology Group also can show a proven track record in the design and development of complete military cooling groups for engines between 200 & 1500 hp (circa 150 to 1100 kW). Air to air, air to liquid and liquid to liquid heat exchanger, are designed as necessary to meet the various cooling requirements of the vehicle and its systems (engine coolant, charge air, transmission, fuel etc.) and integrated with AMETEK Airtechnology Group's Mixed Flow Engine Cooling fans - providing efficient and compact solutions over a wide range of environmental and ambient conditions

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  • Gearbox Cooling Fans
    Gearbox Cooling Fans

    Ametek Airtechnology Group design and manufacture a range of direct drive axial and mixed flow fans used for engine and gearbox oil cooling. The fan unit generally comprises an inlet, impeller and static guide vane duct or outlet scroll. Recent designs have featured carbon fibre outlet scrolls with integral Kevlar for blade off containment and lightweight. Carbon fibre system ducting both upstream and downstream of the fan have also been supplied to complete the installation.

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  • Gearbox Cooling Systems
    Gearbox Cooling Systems

    With a focus specifically on Helicopter Main Gearbox (MGB) Cooling, AMETEK Airtechnology Group has been developing and manufacturing helicopter cooling systems for well over 25 years and in that time has supplied fan and cooler combinations on a wide range of platforms including helicopters produced by Agusta Westland, Airbus Helicopters, Bell, Boeing, HAL and Sikorsky. Our gearbox cooling systems are optimised by drawing together technologies and expertise from the wider AMETEK Group with AMETEK Airtechnology Group and AMETEK Hughes Treitler often joining forces to bring our customers the best possible solution.

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  • Aerospace Vapour Cycle Systems

    The Company offers a proven capability in the development of Vapour Cycle Systems (VCS) for equipment cooling applications and environmental control. These systems are designed for specific cooling requirements and must be sized and packaged to fit the customers equipment.

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  • Pilot Cooling Unit
    Pilot Cooling Systems

    New sophisticated aircrafts featuring advanced airframe, avionics, propulsion systems, stealth and firepower require pilots to be able to operate at high levels of acceleration. For this reason, G-suits and multilayer of clothing is a necessity. Preventing the pilots from suffering heat stress our passionate experts at AMETEK Airtechnologies have created a portable chiller unit. This cooling system works with a pilot cooling vest to maintain a pilot's deep body core temperature at ≤38°C.

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  • Air Conditioning System, Heating, Ventilation
    Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC)

    AMETEK Airtechnology Group has developed a particular expertise in the design of Air Conditioning Systems (A/C), to provide habitable environments for the crew/occupants of vehicles, shelters and containers. Often such environments require the occupants to operate under stress in a closed down volume, in extremes of ambient temperatures - which, even in temperate regions, may result in the temperature of their working environment climbing to levels well above the external ambient temperature, unless an A/C System is integrated. Such systems may also include some form of heating and often need to be compatible with the operation of a CBRN Filtration System.

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  • Electrical Heaters
    Electrical Heaters

    AMETEK Airtechnology Group has developed a range of heaters and fan heaters for aerospace applications with a wide range of heating outputs. Heaters and fan heaters can be supplied to suit all standard and special duct configurations.

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  • CBRN Protection Systems
    CBRN Protection Systems

    As a leading authority in the design and integration of CBRN Filtration systems, AMETEK Airtechnology Group offers a range of systems suitable for military vehicle applications, using a range of different filter types. Such systems can be stand-alone, or combined with Air Conditioning System, to provide a clean and controlled environment for the occupants. CBRN Filtration Systems and combined CBRN & AC systems are also available for military containerised applications and portable applications.

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  • Auxiliary Power Units

    AMETEK Airtechnology Group designs Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) that provide a source of electrical power or, with the integration of a vapour cycle system, provide electrical power and cooling / heating. These are typically employed in military vehicle applications, when the vehicle is operation in silent watch, although several systems have been supplied for continuous operation.

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