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Motion Control Products

AMETEK Airtechnology Group's Motion Control business was established in 1896 and has since been in the business of manufacturing electromagnetic “copper wound” devices such as Electric Motors, Rotary Speed & Position Sensors, Encoders, Alternators, Electric Actuators and hybrid - Electro Hydrostatic Actuators (EHA). Our range of products include; DC brushed & brushless motors, limited angle motors, stepper motors, gimbal motors, gearheads, EMA actuators (linear, rotary & electro hydrostatic actuators), permanent magnet alternators, AC & DC servomotor tachometer generators, optical encoders, AC Pick-Offs, RVDT's, Synchro's, Resolvers (single/tandem/triple), slab resolvers and variable reluctance resolvers.

  • AC & DC Electrical Motors, Gearheads
    AC & DC Electrical Motors Gearheads

    AMETEK Airtechnology Group specialises in the design and manufacture of specialist brushed DC, brushless DC [BLDC] and asynchronous/induction AC motors at various power levels ranging from several watts for trust vector control actuation auxiliary lubricating pump to power levels up to 140 kW used for armoured vehicle engine cooling fans.

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  • Limited Angle Torque Motors

    This type of motor is specifically designed for operation over a limited angle whilst providing a constant torque. Many of our LATM’s are used in gimbal head assemblies such as missile seeker heads and other search & track devices. Another common use for LATM’s is in valve assemblies.

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  • Stepping Motors

    A Stepping Motor is a digitally driven DC motor that can provide positive angular positioning without any need for feedback. We commonly supply three types of stepper motor, Permanent Magnet, Variable Reluctance and Hybrid. Stepper motors are available in all shapes and sizes and can be designed to specification or selected from our product range which covers frame sizes from 05 – 34 (13 mm - 85 mm outside diameter) and step angles from 09°- 90°

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  • Linear & Rotary Actuators (EMA's)

    Electro-Mechanical actuators have been at the forefront of AMETEK Airtechnology Groups' vision for the future for several years and our specialist engineers have an impressive track record of designing, developing and certifying electric actuators used in Aerospace, Defence and Down-Hole (Oil & Gas exploration) applications. AMETEK Airtechnology Group supplies both Electric Linear, Rotary and Electro Hydrostatic (Hybrid) actuators (EHAs).

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  • Electro Hydrostatic Actuators (EHA’s)

    This motor drives a pump which supplies the hydraulic supply to a local backup system for the Airbus A380 spoiler actuation system. These mini hydraulic systems are known as Electro Hydraulic Actuators (EHA’s) and are controlled electrically and located at the point of delivery which is a move away from the traditional centralised hydraulic distribution system and a move towards the “more electric aircraft” approach.

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  • Electrical Landing Gear Actuation Systems
    Electrical Landing Gear Actuation Systems

    Having designed and manufactured electric motion control products for the Aerospace & Defense industry for almost 100 years, AMETEK Airtechnology Group is very familiar with the electric motor. In recent years AMETEK has been considering "more electric" alternatives to traditional aircraft systems such as hydraulics and has recently been successful in developing and certifying a helicopter Electric Landing Gear System. The system benefits include low weight, low maintenance, reduced turnaround times and due to its "plug & play" capability, the system can be offered as a post delivery option. The knowledge and experience gained in developing this flight critical system can equally be applied to fixed wing landing gear and primary flight control.

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  • Resolvers

    Resolvers are essentially devices used to transmit highly accurate data about angular position and speed from one place to another. Their output (sine / cosine) can also be used to calculate trigonometric problems, these are called computational resolvers.

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  • RVDT's

    Rotary Variable Differential Transformers (RVDTs) are devices that function by the motion of the rotor within the electro-magnetic field of the stator. This produces an electrical output signal, which has a known relationship to the mechanical motion. In simple terms the RVDT measures angular or rotary motion. These devices are available in an AC to AC configuration, giving an AC output signal at the same frequency as the input signal but with amplitude proportional to the rotor angular position.

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  • AC Pick-Offs

    A pick-off is an angle sensor, which can be small and light in weight. 'Pick-offs are variable reluctance devices, having an unwound (solid or laminated) rotor. The rotor construction can be solid or laminated assembly. The stator has a single energising winding and a single output winding, namely primary and secondary.

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  • Optical Encoders

    AMETEK Airtechnology Group design and manufacture optical encoders for an array of specific applications. The Encoder technology and expertise available at Muirhead is applied both individually for accurate digital position sensing and in the design of Actuators which combine motors and drives for motion control and positional information of a system.

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  • Synchros

    Synchros are used to transmit angular data electrically from one location to another, where a high degree of accuracy is required. They are essentially variable transformers in which the coupling between windings varies with the rotor position relative to the stator. Several different types are produced to suit particular applications and whilst their external appearance is similar, the internal construction varies to optimise the unit’s functional requirements. Our pedigree and capability in the field of Synchros will ensure the most demanding specifications are met.

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