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Pilot Cooling Systems

Pilot Cooling Unit

New sophisticated aircrafts featuring advanced airframe, avionics, propulsion systems, stealth and firepower require pilots to be able to operate at high levels of acceleration. For this reason, G-suits and multilayer of clothing is a necessity. Preventing the pilots from suffering heat stress our passionate experts at AMETEK Airtechnology have created a portable chiller unit. This cooling system works with a pilot cooling vest to maintain a pilot's deep body core temperature at ≤38°C.

The Pilot Cooling Unit (PCU) is a micro chiller that can be carried on board the aircraft can provide temperature conditioning fluid to the pilot. The micro vapour cycle system is designed so that the liquid that is circulating within the thermal vest which maintains the wearer's body core temperature in extreme physical and ambient temperature conditions, is cooled down to the desired temperature.

The chiller unit or personal cooling unit (PCU) forms part of the individual cooling equipment, or ICE, a PCU, a Li-ion battery, and ground support equipment.

In the cockpit, the PCU is powered by the aircraft's power supply while on the ground a Li-ion battery provides the necessary power.

The chiller unit's control system monitors the system temperatures and controls the compressor speed, expansion valve, and fan pump, as well as maintaining the supply of liquid at the desired temperature between +14°C and +22°C and extreme ambient conditions.

Additional functions include the run safe mode where limitations on power are imposed to prevent damage to the PCU.

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