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Gearbox Cooling Fans

Gearbox Cooling Fans

AMETEK Airtechnology Group design and manufacture a range of direct drive axial and mixed flow fans used for engine and gearbox oil cooling. The fan unit generally comprises an inlet, impeller and static guide vane duct or outlet scroll. Recent designs have featured carbon fibre outlet scrolls with integral Kevlar for blade off containment and lightweight. Carbon fibre system ducting both upstream and downstream of the fan have also been supplied to complete the installation.

The mixed flow fan designs with their high static pressure rise and inherent resistance to stall are beneficial for this type of application where gradual heat exchanger blockage can lead to a changing system resistance

Our designers are particularly experienced in helicopter gearbox oil cooling fan applications with numerous high-performance mixed-flow designs in service on a range of civil and military, main and intermediate gearbox cooling systems. Our engineers can offer advice and guidance to develop the specification from the earliest concepts to full qualification with ILS and customer support for repair and overhaul, completing the package.

The fans are typically driven directly by the gearbox or a hydraulic motor. A splined sheer neck drive connects the drive and fan and is designed to fail at a given torque to avoid damage to the gearbox if a fan should jam.

Our designers are used to designing for challenging mechanical and temperature environments. We use a range of in house and external approved test houses to develop, qualify and document our products.

Our mixed-flow fan designs also feature on many armoured vehicles for engine and ancillary cooling. The radial flow exit is beneficial in cramped engine bay applications. Our fans can be installed close to the vehicle's hull and maintain peak performance.

With such an extensive range of new and existing designs, our engineers can recommend the most efficient fan for any application. We can also modify the fans inlet and outlet geometry for integration with the sub-systems, advise on mounting and noise reduction and add additional features such as guards, non-return valves, and under-speed and overtemperature warnings.

Please contact us via the Contact page to discuss Gearbox Cooling Fans. Our engineers will be happy to discuss your specifications with you and provide comparative feedback against our capabilities and the scope of supply for AAG.