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Engine Cooling Fans

We currently offer three sizes of engine cooling fans for military vehicles. Our latest MP4 range includes 305mm, 380mm and 475mm diameter fans, all of which use our mixed flow design that optimise high performance with low power consumption. They are manufactured from cast aluminium alloy and have non-stall performance, non-overloading power characteristics, and low noise emission levels. The backward inclined impeller blades are particularly suited for use in dusty conditions in that the blades remain clean, thus avoiding loss of efficiency. With any fan application, the geometry of the individual installation can influence final performance; the details shown here represent results achieved when tested to BS 848 conditions. Of compact, robust construction and manufactured to meet the requirements of government defence equipment specifications, these units are especially suitable for military vehicle engine-cooling applications. Depending on the complexity of the installation, mounting methods can be adapted to suit individual requirements. With hydraulic, belt or shaft drive options, the MP4 range has the flexibility to solve virtually any specific engine-cooling problem. 

True mixed flow fan designs, such as the Airrtechnology Group MP4 type, provide integrators with both axial and centrifugal air discharge options from the same fan within a more compact package. This is in contrast to alternate fan types, such as pseudo mixed flow, axial or centrifugal fans. These fan types often have more restrictive installation limitations — for example, how close any obstruction can be to the fan outlet. This is not a problem for a true mixed flow fan.

  • Fan perfomance improvements +

    In an effort to enhance our engine cooling fans performance even further, we concluded a development exercise to enable our MP4 range to operate at speeds up to 20% faster. Having now successfully completed our test campaign by testing all three fan sizes.
    We can confirm that our enhanced designs are now capable of running safely at speeds in excess of the previous limits.
  • Inlet guide vane +

    In addition to the gains in performance from increasing the fan speed, we wanted to improve performance even further, and so turned our attention to the fans Inlet guide vane.
    With improved aerodynamics we have developed a standalone (modular) guide vane that can be attached to our existing fans to give an instant "boost" in performance.
    performance gains for all three sizes running at increased speeds and with the addition of our new technology Inlet guide vane.