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  • Overview +

    Resolvers are essentially devices used to transmit highly accurate data about angular position and speed from one place to another. Their output (sine / cosine) can also be used to calculate trigonometric problems, these are called computational resolvers.

    Resolvers come in many different shapes and sizes but typically they will either incorporate their own shaft, bearing and an output pinion or they will be designed to be mounted on a shaft (a slab resolver).

    We manufacture several different types of Resolver including, computing resolvers (compensated and non-compensated types), data transmission resolvers, sweep resolvers, brushed & brushless resolvers, transolvers, tandem resolvers, triple resolvers and slab resolvers.

    All our resolvers are wound by hand to the highest of standards and it is this level of care and attention that ultimately yields a product that is highly accurate and capable of operating in extreme environments involving heat, vibration, shock and corrosive fluids. The simplicity of the resolver design makes them tolerant to environments where other sensors would fail.

  • Applications +

    • Gas turbine fuel systems,
    • Sensing for missile fin actuator
    • Seeker heads
    • Valve sensing
    • Fixed wing and helicopter pilot flight controls
    • Fly-by-wire systems, aircraft flight surfaces
    • Weapons doors
    • Radar direction & elevation
    • Remote gunnery
    • Commutation for brushless motors  
    • Low temperature space applications.