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Limited Angle Torque Motors

Limited Angle Torque Motor
Ametek Airtechnology Group is the preferred supplier to many aerospace and defence companies that need equipment that can be depended upon to work the first time after long storage periods or to deal with demanding duty cycles.
Limited Angle Torque Motors (LATMs) are ideal for use in seeker head gimbals where it is desirable to eliminate cogging torque. Two LATMs are used to provide the seeker head assembly with two axes of rotation. Operating in the final phase of flight, these units need to be stored for indefinite periods and then function under severe mechanical load and environmental conditions.
Both motors consist of a housed stator with a high-density winding around a steel core connected to an EMI-screened cable. The rotor is built using high-grade samarium cobalt magnets mounted on a stainless-steel core.
However, the possibilities for custom-designed motors are many. As with all our products, we will be pleased to discuss individual requirements and assist you in the definition and development of bespoke devices.

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    It should be noted that for applications where limited angle drive is required, but without the need to eliminate inter-pole detent torque, a suitably configured, conventional brushless motor construction can be employed. This will provide a higher torque constant for the same envelope due to the more efficient use of both copper and iron circuits.

    • Gimbal Assemblies
    • Search & Track devices
    • Seeker Heads
    • Valve Control