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AC & DC Electrical Motors Gearheads


 AC-DC-Electrical, Motors, Gearheads
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    AMETEK Airtechnology Group specialises in the design and manufacture of specialist brushed DC, brushless DC [BLDC] and asynchronous/induction AC motors at various power levels ranging from several watts for trust vector control actuation auxiliary lubricating pump to power levels up to 140 kW used for armoured vehicle engine cooling fans.
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    We commonly supply motors between 24 and 48 Volts DC for brushed models and 270 Volts DC for brushless motors.

    Higher voltage ranges up to 850VDC bus voltage for several kilowatt output BLDC motors can be supplied upon request. Different BLDC technologies are utilised, such as surface-mount permanent magnet rotors and interior permanent magnet rotors used for liquid-cooled high power density and speed applications typically found in engine cooling fan applications. Asynchronous Induction motors are usually supplied in the absence of a power controlled and provided by 400Hz 3 phase or single-phase power supply range with voltages up to 440 Vrms and power levels up to 12 kW primarily used in fan and pump application.

    Both AC and DC motors are supplied in various forms as standards or can be tailored to meet a specific customer requirement. Harsh environmental conditions are met by utilising our pedigree fuel and hydraulic immersed motor versions, typically driving compressors or pumps achieving high torque density at ambient temperatures of up to 175°C. Higher temperatures operation could be supplied upon request.

    Our motors can also be combined with high torque gearheads, speed & position sensors such as encoders, resolvers, DC tachos and electromagnetically brakes. Flight control actuation and radar positioning systems are typical for torque gearheads, where space envelopes are extremely limited. Our motors are designed using the latest modelling tools and manufactured using the latest advanced materials. Pedigree is achieved by utilising proven reliable manufacturing processes to achieve the highest product quality.